Welcome to my brain

Hey! I'm Caroline. I'm a wanderer, photographer, painter, stylist, floral designer, maker and collector of beautiful things, vintage collector, cook, thinker, and dreamer. Based in Atlanta, my work is inspired by the beauty of the imperfect and the everyday, but also the magic and light that is rampant throughout our earth. When I'm not working or painting, you can most often find me reading in my favorite coffee shops, sipping Rose with friends on my back porch, gardening, hiking, or adventuring. 

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On Photography:

I aim to capture the undisturbed, organic beauty and small detail of a destination as well as the universal rawness and vulnerability of the human form throughout all cultures. 

On Abstract Work:

I am heavily influenced by specific colors and organic shapes and the feelings I associate with them, which I focus on in my abstract work (in a variety of mediums). Every individual perceives the same little pieces of our earth so differently, and throughout my work I aim to uniquely portray the way I take in human sexuality, nature, and all things organic.

On La Femme: 

I think in regards to feminism we often link our similarities along the spectrum of the gender fluid scale; which is indeed powerful and unifying. However, I feel it just as important to celebrate our delicate femininity that comes with being a woman. In my work I have, in both composition and color, aimed to preserve a singular timelessness of fragile beauty while also highlighting the strength and uniqueness of the female species in its entirety.


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